Subsea Control Systems

J+S offer a range of solutions and products for extending the field-life of marginal developments and supporting obsolete control systems.


J+S has developed a new low cost and short lead-time Subsea Control Module to extend the life of marginal developments and late-life fields in the oil and gas sector.

Brings a new dimension to combatting obsolescence
The Subsea Control Module is designed to bring a new dimension to combatting obsolescence as pressure mounts to extract more life from existing equipment, particularly in the reducing North Sea sector.

Further benefits of the J+S system include a high level of configurability while maintaining reduced complexity by using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware where available. Recent work in decommissioning has also highlighted a need for pre-abandonment monitoring systems.

Input & Output
Inputs to SCM:
SCM Output Functions:
Monitoring Functions
External Monitoring Functions:
Standard connection interface is Siemens T8346 interface port suitable for 4 or 7-way Digitron connectors. Electrical connection interfaces can be specified to clients requirements.
SCM Monitoring Functions:
Subsea Electronics Module

J+S’s rugged Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) is designed for installation in our modular Subsea Control Systems.

The purpose of the SEM is to provide reliable and effective control and monitoring of subsea production control assets where OEM support is not an option:

Experienced and capable
Brings a new dimension to combatting obsolescence

The SEM is built using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and runs on a robust Linux-based real-time operating system. We can optionally provide a topsides Master Control Station (MCS) with the SEM. The topside communications and subsea hardware interfaces are designed to be compatible with legacy seabed and topside hardware, while forming the basis for the J+S SCM.

A key strength in this offering is our experience and capability in the delivery of bespoke engineering projects, where obsolescence and interface definitions are always an issue. In such legacy applications the use of COTS components gives greater flexibility, meaning costs, development time and risk will be significantly reduced. This results in an easily supported, longer-life product with little or no proprietary SEM hardware subsea.
Key Features
Inputs to SCM:

The J+S Subsea Control System has been demonstrated in collaboration with EC-OG’s local power generation capabilities to provide a low-cost solution to small pool developments.

Acoustic communications solution

Where long tie-backs incur higher costs, J+S has developed a low-cost, economically viable solution, using locally produced power.

To eliminate umbilical requirements, J+S has made use of the team’s vast knowledge and experience to provide an acoustic communications solution.


J+S has developed a system using a scaled version of our Subsea Electronics Module to provide a data logging and monitoring service on a closed-in well

Data retrieval
Various options for data retrieval are available:

J+S has worked with hydraulic control functions to enable operation of local production system or export pipeline isolation valves.

SSIV Control System
The SSIV Control System utilises existing local hydraulic and power services with control tied into the existing control system or via a dedicated control line.

J+S has designed control system elements to be configurable for use in control system modules and as stand-alone control system components.

SSIV Control System
The SSIV Control System utilises existing local hydraulic and power services with control tied into the existing control system or via a dedicated control line.

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Phil Reid Managing Director >>
Phil has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years. He started his career with Kvaerner FSSL progressing through a variety of roles in subsea engineering, from manufacturing to leading some of their most complex projects all over the world. He worked with the original J+S for a period before moving on to Genesis Oil and Gas as a Subsea Controls Engineering consultant; during that period he was seconded to Centrica Energy (now Spirit Energy) which led to a permanent role as Lead Subsea Controls & Umbilical Engineer for Developments, Capital Projects and Operated Assets. For almost a decade Phil successfully delivered Capital Projects from concept right through to project close out whilst also looking after the running of their subsea assets.
As part of J&S Subsea limited, Phil will oversee the day to day operations and grow the business both in the UK and globally.
James Morris – Engineering Director
James joined the Royal Navy from school where he successfully completed a 5-year Marine Engineering Apprenticeship. After 10 years’ service he started a career in hydraulic systems design, manufacture and project management.
After 5 years working in the hydraulic service industry James moved to Kvaerner Oilfield Products as a Support Engineer providing engineering support for production and service teams within the controls group. He was also responsible for the design, manufacture and offshore operation of the Control System Well Monitoring Equipment for Shell assets used during well intervention testing.
Whilst at KOP he completed an Open University Postgraduate Diploma home study course in Manufacturing: Management and Technology
He subsequently moved to RRC Controls Services where he was solely responsible for all the mechanical and hydraulic design of the company’s successful diver installable Subsea Control Module. Over 10 years at RRC he designed and built a range of bespoke subsea equipment from electrical and hydraulic Subsea Distribution Assemblies to Chemical Injection Flowmeter housings.
On moving to J+S Ltd as a Senior Engineer James continued to be responsible for design of subsea and renewables equipment including a new design ROV installable Subsea Control Module and next generation Medium Voltage dry-mate connection systems. During his 10-year tenure at J+S Ltd and SEA James has been promoted to Principal Engineer and then to Engineering Manager.
James has a wealth of knowledge in Project Management and design processes, using Solidworks 3D and document management software to produce highly configurable product designs in very short timescales.
As Engineering Director at J&S Subsea Limited, James looks forward to developing the engineering capabilities of the business, providing innovative designs, high quality products and responsive service to the Subsea Energy Industries.
Simon Smith – Business Development Director
Simon has worked in the oil and gas sector for over 20 years. He started his career as a planning co-ordinator for offshore development systems and has since been involved in both surface and subsea operation management both locally and overseas with Wood Group, Plexus Ocean Systems and Cameron’s before joining J+S Ltd in 2012 as a Senior Account Engineer. J+S Ltd then became part of SEA Ltd and the Cohort Group where Simon was promoted to Business Development Manager in 2019 before taking part in the management buyout of the Aberdeen based subsea division of SEA to form J&S Subsea Limited.
Simon initially studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh University and later Engineering Design at The Robert Gordon University and recently became a Certified Project Management Associate through APM. Simon has experience with on and offshore support along with efficiency and safety control and has utilised this to deliver large scale projects for international clients in the energy industries.
As part of J&S Subsea limited, Simon plans to help grow the Subsea Energy business both in the UK and globally while championing a circular economy focus to help provide a better future.
Simon Smith
Matthew Blair – Executive Chairman
Matt has worked with SEA and previously J+S Ltd for over 10 years and has a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Matt works closely with Oil company subsea engineering and production controls departments, supporting their operational assets
Matt worked with Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd in the naval simulation group and through his extensive experience in electronics and sonar, moved into hydrographic survey working with Subsea7, Tritech, and CDL before joining J+S Ltd.

Matt has lead the management buyout of the Subsea Engineering division of SEA for J&S Subsea Limited and is seeking opportunities to transfer technologies and products into the Oil and Gas and marine renewables markets.